The Imitation of Christ Thomas A Kempis I

Trans., William Creasy

  1. Why for me? As part of putting on the Full Armor of God, it is quite helpful to read works that has influenced millions of Christians throughout the ages. A best practices approach to following Christ is to see what other holy believers have done and consider the usefulness for my life. There have been thousands of editions and millions of serious readers of the Imitations.

Dante’s Inferno, what not to do to end up in wrong place. Spiritual treasure trove. Around for many centuries early introduction into English.

I have tried to read it a few times throughout my life. I usually get somewhere in the middle, I see my poverty, and give up. Additionally, I do not enjoy styles of writing with life’s maxims strung together. I tend to prefer themes more developed. However, I had the gift of friendship tied to this work and I was encouraged to give it another try. True friendship does this. Helps one to be better, holier than one is. Deo gratis.

  1. Who benefitted from reading it? Thomas More considered it one of his three essential books, of which the Bible was first. Samuel Johnson in the 1800’s recommended it to Boswell.

III. Translators & translations: Language changes quickly. A work written centuries ago in the Netherlands is far removed from the 21st century dialect. Not in terms of application but in terms of meaning. I know when I talk of Ephesians and wives submit to their husband, I must always include the proviso of excluding abuse. 50 yrs ago, this was not done. Any work that spans time, encounters this problem and it is prudent to acknowledge it.

Written Medieval Latin format, Middle Ages, essence Imation’s value regardless of generation, how we understand it that is both faithful and comprehensive to modern mind.

Bill Creasy, a faithful Protestant sensitive to the inclinations of Catholics, held a position as a distinguished English scholar at UCLA. Bill, a protestant, is faithful to the original text in a style that is approachable. As a personal note, holy faithful Catholic friends who I have relied on through the years have greatly benefitted from Dr. Creasy’s biblical insights. This book is my way of connecting with them. Friends enrich us and help us be better than ourselves. Deo gratis.

Truth rendered in language that is comprehensible. Direct translation is for the other. Some people are better at the task than others. Modernism, want the word that means today. Cant do that, require more ourselves because our society has gone so far afield.