The Imitation of Christ Thomas A Kempis V

Useful Reminders of the Spiritual Life: TS [The Imitation of Christ is a guidebook to a life of holiness whose end is God; the context in which we make the journey is the limited span of our earthly life]

Chapter 13

By temptations and troubles a person proves how much progress he has made in the spiritual life…[1]

Temptations and troubles arouse our passions. Additionally, the person is not even aware of their own private motives and how they are motivated by them.[2] This should not induce sloth but profound gratitude of the mercy of our Savior.

Without a Savior who knows our weaknesses and poverty, truly we would be lost.

Chapter 16 A Rule for Discourse of Contentious Topics Very excellent advice

If anyone is spoken to once or twice will not listen and change his ways, do not argue with him, but leave it all to God, for he knows well how to turn bad into good.[3]

Prudent for women who over talk everything. I love my feminine attributes and know my defects. Don’t beat the dead horse.

Again, temperance in following Kempis’ advice is warranted. He is not contradicting Our Lord’s instruction about following up the chain of command to confront wrongdoing Mat 18:15cf

Rather, I think he is talking about those disagreements between spouses, adult children, and friends which abounds in our society, fueled on by outside interests. Two times, then give it to the Lord.

Instruction versus debate. Recognition not given to me to change a man’s heart. Can give information but movement of heart is the Lord’s work. Pray.

Silence a little-known virtue. Not avoiding conflict. Prudent recollected silence.

Chapter 20 Finding Time for the Lord

Avoid needless talk, idle visits, and do not listen to the latest gossip you will find plenty of suitable time for good meditation.[4]

Where does this idle talk & gossip occur? Anywhere men spend their time. [cell phone]

In silence and peace a devout soul makes progress and learns the secrets of scripture. …

God with His holy angels will draw close to a person who seeks solitude and silence.[5]

Solitude is not loneliness. Quietude, resting in interior life. Peace beyond understanding.

Solitude is time for Christ.

A blessing from the unconstitutional lockdowns and various mandates has been the opportunity for solitude and silence. It has been an unprecedented opportunity for me, and a time I will look back in this important aspect with gratitude. Deo gratis.

A desert is needed for a work from God.

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