The Imitation of Christ Thomas A Kempis VI

Chapter 24 A Vivid Description of Hell

In whatever ways you have sinned, in those same ways will you be severely punished. In hell, the lazy will be spurred with burning goads and the gluttonous tormented with great hunger and thirst. There, the luxurious and the lovers of pleasure will be drenched in burning tar and stinking brimstone, and like mad dogs the envious will howl their anguish. There no vice will lack its proper torment. There the proud will be filled with confusion and miserly will be in terrible need. There a single hour of suffering will be worse than a hundred years of the most heavy penance here. There, there will be no rest and no comfort for the damned, but here there is sometimes rest from work and we enjoy the solace of our friends.[1]

The only good in hell is one of being. The damned still have state of being contra to annihilation.

Kempis writing after Dante’s Inferno, sin punished by sin itself contra & passeo. Suffering is the punishment.

Over talking seeking constant consolations, decided lack of imaginations. No one talks of hell, a figment of imagination. Imagination is supplied for us, movie supplies entirety of imagination. People do not have an ability to meditate because people have their thoughts provided for them.

Book II Suggestions Drawing One Toward the Inner Life

Very short book.

Chapter 1 The kingdom of God is within you, says the Lord.[2] This is the presupposition Kempis begins with as does Teresa of Avila with the Interior Castle.[3]

> If you put the KOG first,

> then you will see his kingdom blossom within you,

> for the KOG is living in peace and joy with the HS.

KOG = living with HS evidenced by peace and joy.

‘To enter KOG, we must endure many hardships”[4]

Royal Road of the Holy Cross chapter 12. There are few who love Jesus’s Cross chapter 11

Avila few bend down into crystalline structure of the soul. Bow down with humility, encounter crawly creatures our vices.

God is not stingy in and of itself. Luminescent structure bend down to go into the soul, people forget to give thanks to the Creator and focus on the creature. Castle can be distraction itself.

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