The Imitation of Christ Thomas A Kempis VIII

Kempis makes a very astute comparison with Noah, Moses and Solomon. All 3 of these men had greater awareness of reflection when building the ark, the tabernacle, and the Temple compared to most souls recollecting before Holy Mass. This should provoke a humility on our part.

Devout recollection. So many things we have are awesome compared to those before. Good housing, airplanes, medicine. Become jaded by awesome of miracles that surround us. Life profoundly is strong. Plants grow in the most barren of circumstances.

Theresa’s attitude is helpful. She did not beat herself up with her littleness nor did she become slothful. Theresa trusted in the love of His Majesty while trying to do her best with her poverty.

Daily Communion has a tendency to make one indifferent towards the Body of Christ. This is unbelievably true. 2020 Church closures and Blessed Sacrament removals from the people put this truth in sharp relief.[1]

Frequency is a double edge sword. Closeness of he one loved while avoiding contempt. Devout interior recollection.

  1. [Practical advice: From Book III]
  • Keep private devotion to oneself, don’t give away your treasure

  • be thankful of spiritual graces but don’t seek after them

-be silent and visit quiet recesses of heart paramount

  • ask for grace of devotion, choose to listen, He comes when invited[2]

  • practice humility before God [by frequent acts of gratitude Chapter 9

  • talk with God before decisions, then follow conscience[3]

  • desire for Gods will to be done, pray often for this Our Father

  • bear hardships patiently [not a door mat] e.g. Texas has been beset by horrible leadership decisions spanning many years. No complaining about being cold while at the same time work to remove the evil doers who inflected this harm on myself & neighbors. It can be and/both. Bear sufferings & work to remove them.

  1. Read Kempis in totality pg 117 & 129, certainly within the book

stripped of all possessions [die to self] to follow destitute Jesus [royal way of cross] contra use what we need for sustenance.

  1. We are NEVER safe in this life. Fr. Kloster’s show.[4] Note the imagery of battle and illusion to full of armor of God.

Light a match in the darkness. God thought this the best way for a person to love at the risk of suffering.

Suffering necessary becoming who we are. Royal road of the Cross.


Classics become classics not because they are old but because succeeding generations find benefit from the engagement. God’s grace is marvelous because it surpasses but not undo ourhuman reason.

 Treat yourself to a good translation and consider Sara and I your friends as we encourage you to pick up this classic. For me, it took the prodding of Sara, Creasy via old friendships, and 2020 to give this text another look. I am so glad that I did.

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