The Lord Taught Them Proper Roles of Educators I

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August Opportune Time to Consider Education

  • After last year, parents are increasing involved with educating their children

  • home schooling rose by In the first week (April 23-May 5) of Phase 1 of the Household Pulse Survey, about 5.4% of U.S. households with school-aged children reported homeschooling.

By fall, 11.1% of households with school-age children reported homeschooling (Sept. 30-Oct. 12). A clarification was added to the school enrollment question to make sure households were reporting true homeschooling rather than virtual learning through a public or private school.

That change represents an increase of 5.6 percentage points and a doubling of U.S. households that were homeschooling at the start of the 2020-2021 school year compared to the prior year.[1]

Additionally, those choosing traditional models of schooling

  • parents speaking at school boards about their concerns of indoctrination

  • parents running for positions on school boards

  • citizens heading to their state capitols & holding ‘elected’ officials responsible

  • parents have grave concern over ‘men’ competing in women sports by families

  • parents have grave concern of white racism or CRT and communism curriculum

Many different indicators that parents are more involved with children in substantive ways

How rapidly human memory is abridged. @0 yrs active memory, that precedes tradition. US 100 yr experiment on education. Schools of thought Chicago methodology be necessary for workers not educators. Change over time from the liberal arts to the servile arts. Separate these two modes a have and have nots. Children not educated but automated for manufacturing low level jobs. Faith seeking understanding true educating. Very intense redirecting educating children past 10 years. Shift away from expert to parents educating the child.

Division within human society division, diabolos, devil

Liberal & Servile arts together make up the human society.

The philosopher is ever so grateful to the mill worker who made paper.

STEM, Chronicles of Narnia CS Lewis Clarence Scrubbs, parents were communists, never allowed to read anything other than technical manuals. No imagination to understand Narnia.

Love, compassion, mercy define the person.

Removed from curricula, music, arts, theology made subservient to utilitarian principles. Corrosive to human soul.

[1]   accessed July 14, 2021