The Lord Taught Them Proper Roles of Educators III

  1. Thesis statement of Divini Illius Magistri

-Christian education aims at securing the Supreme Good, that is God, for the souls of those who are being educated, andthe maximum of well-being possible here below for human society.[1]

  • Christian education is not merely for the individual but for families and the whole of society

  • There can be no true education, which is not wholly directed to man’s last end[2]. The last end, the telos, necessarily passes by way of Christ because He alone is the way.

Pius XI education,  (education Latin lead out of darkness to light, unknowable to knowable). God is knowable, He is. Education fails to bring an awareness of God.

Not necessarily Christ, even the divine the Greeks could bring education to students’ awareness of God’s existence.

God is not telos of education. No point of education.

Secondarily supply temporal existence includes communal, fraternal charity among the students.

2 Commandments of Jesus, love God and love neighbor. This must the point of education.

Otherwise, indoctrination, automation. Education must refer to the truth of what it is.

  1. Three societies distinct yet when in harmony produce a true education worthy of man.

Family, civil society and the Church.

Multiplication of benefits versus division

The family is instituted directly by God and the parents are the primary educators of their children. Therefore, when parents speak before school boards and city councils it matters because this directly affects their children, they carry incredible weight. How many videos have gone viral when parents confront those in supposed authority?

Parents, I think more than ever, realize how they must be directly involved in the children’s education with particular emphasis on the religious and moral training. If their children are not moral, then anything else they do is going to be disaster. Do we really need more intelligent psychopaths pulling levers of influence?

Thus, the parents, in the first place determine what type of education is best suited for their children. And as such, parents need to constantly be renewed in grace, pondering things within their hearts, to determine what is best. I know excellent students from public schools, fabulous private schools, and enriching homeschool experiences. I also know the opposite as well. Therefore, there cannot be a uniform standard of education imposed on children by force.[3]

Freedom of choice for the family.

Radical difference family is building block of society. Society is necessary because family cannot all needs.

Perfect, complete, not ‘awesome’

Man needs communion of people. Unlike Statist and communists, state precede for the state. Radical difference. God created for the family first, permitted society to grow to help the family.

State cannot reach into to tell family what to do.

Parents primary educators, reach out to others to assist them. If those people fail them, fire them.

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