The Lord Taught Them Proper Roles of Educators IV

Civil society also has an important role in education. Families cannot do it themselves.

I recently watched a prepper video whose main point was following the behaviors of the pioneers crossing the west using the knowledge of 150-200 yrs ago. It was fascinating until I noticed, the presenter was wearing modern glasses obtained by an optometrist. He could not see without modern inventions. He was not using spectacles made by himself. In fact, the shirt he was wearing (which he announced handmade clothing) was one found in a modern fabric store. He did not grow the cotton, spun the fibers, etc…

Every so often, our family takes a moment and asks, how many people did it take to produce X? It keeps us tethered to the objective reality of our need for one another in gratitude.

Abridged notion of society. Generally, limit it to our lifetime. Obligation Chesterton democracy of the dead. Generous in our judgement of those who went before us and know someone will judge us when we are gone. Civil society take temporary pause, education children utilitarian method of separating children based on a calendar. Whose need does that meet, the children or the state. This is novel considering history of educating man over the centuries.

Men dug Notre Dame cathedral no lively hope of hearing steeple bell rung. Lively hope someone is succeeding generation see work through. Long term, best good, most people, longest time.

The State exists as a safeguard for the family while at the same time providing resources that the family needs but cannot provide for themselves. The State must also use faith and right reason as a guide for what is considered help and protection.

Moving away from liberty to license as a society. Libre’ child, book, freedom. License someone with authority you can do. Commercial driver’s license proven to state have the skills. License state intrude on the good of the human person no longer subsidiary to person but rather beggars of the state.

State decides VAX people have more rights and freedoms. State primary cell of society and not the family. Antithesis Divini Illius Magistri.

The Church also as a society has an indispensable role in calling all souls to Christ, and the reception of the Holy Spirit. Apart from grace, man is not capable of keeping the boundaries of order and knowledge in proper harmony. Singular pursuit of science and materialism without grace becomes yet another means to enslavement and misery. Every educational pursuit must be measured against the Gospel as taught clearly by the Lord. Those efforts that tend closer to His truth create immense blessings for all.

Bears repeating parents reassert their natural and God given roles as primary educators.