The Lord Taught Them Proper Roles of Educators IX

  • Teaching of Latin & Greek. More than command of language but a training of the classical mind which our country was born from, and which is a beacon of freedom for all countries.

Dead language venerable. Against utilitarian system. What is the practical value? Does not do with the intellect and how the mind processes information. Dead language allows meditating.

Augustine Major Writings Benedict Groeschel

  1. Conclusion

Though the Church does not teach that a perfect utopia is possible in our valley of tears, it is obvious that some points in history, the societies in which man finds himself does a better or worse job. Pius XI offers the standard which can serve as a concrete measure. Quoting paragraph 88 in total:

#88 Perfect schools are the result not so much of good methods as of good teachers, teachers who are thoroughly prepared and well-grounded in the matter they have to teach; who possess the intellectual and moral qualifications required by their important office; who cherish a pure and holy love for youths confided to them because they love Jesus Christ and His Church, of which these are the children of predilection[1] ; and who have therefore sincerely at heart the true good of family and country.

The things we hold dear parents gob smacked with kids coming back from college as woke monsters. Children can’t be sent into situations without their best interests. We are susceptible to propaganda. Children have more faith in Google than God.

Love for our own children & nation should motivate. Judge a people by what it loves.

[1] a preference or special liking for something; a bias in favor of something.