The Lord Taught Them Proper Roles of Educators V

Lord of the Rings Frodo gets tired of caring the ring, no one else can carry and there will be 1,000 years of darkness

Universities themselves exist because the founders sought the Truth. They were born from cathedrals and places of theology. One only needs to see the tremendous architecture of cathedrals and brilliant stained glass to know this.

Obvious temples of learning.

The Church is not Plan B because of the Fall but rather it is a plan born in the Father’s heart before time began because the Father is eternal. 759 CCC

Man, unlike angels, are not capable due to their fallen state to harmoniously cooperate for the good of themselves and civil society. Supernatural grace is needed to bridge the wounds of original sin. The best of family’s experience strife, turmoil due to wounded nature. Even more so with strangers and those with different experiences.

University inherent power and have been co-opted by the left. Stare is primary educator and bestower of rights. Parents primary educator, state there to assist in their humanity. Those who believe must become more cunning and intuitive bestowing on people.

We want to trust but need to make sure children are not abused.

Ex/ Voter integrity session, a grandmother talked about how her granddaughter went to a noted university and lost her faith and identity in the process because the institution had forgotten what it was founded on.

What does it profit to gain the whole world and lose your soul in the process?

Cognizant fact Satan mirroring teachings of Church. Communism dupe to Christianity.  Communism is a yoke to slavery.

August 4 St John Vianney struggled with learning and is a model for the priesthood. Not Vianney was ignorant, sate prohibited what he could learn in his youth. Latin, prayers of the Church. Church was suppressed in France. State bestows what it wants not necessarily what is best  for the human person. Vianney was humble enough as an adult to learn with fourth grades, only time this education was offered to be a priest of the Lord.

August 14 Maximillian Kolbe His efforts with the Immaculata were one of education. Note how Nazis shut down his printing press and arrested those associated with this educational effort. Truths of Gospel, state immediately intervenes.

August 15 Assumption, Immaculata. Our Lady was taught by the Lord. She experienced the Annunciation Lk 2:19 & the Finding of Jesus in the Temple Lk 2:51 and pondered them in her heart. Pondering is a receptive mode of learning. Brought to the Temple by Ann & Joachim to be taught.

August 20 Bernard Clairvaux (1090-1153) A Doctor of the Church and founder of Cistercians who taught on reforming zeal, preached the second crusade, and mystical writing especially on the Song of Songs. To be a doctor there is a body of writing that transcends the age of the saint.

Glorification of access to information, strip children natural innocence. BVM vs Eve. Eve had infused knowledge with right use of grace sufficient to not make the errors she made. Eve not innocent but naive. BVM not naïve but innocence.

How can this be do not know man? Not unaware order of creation. Porn education is called for in some places so that children can be educated. Education that does not tend to God as end, fraternal charity as a result not worthy of title of education. They are Sophists.