The Lord Taught Them Proper Roles of Educators VI

August 28 Augustine a Church Father though exceptionally brilliant, he needed the operation of the Holy Spirit before he could give his life to Christ.  Through the operation of the Holy Spirit, he could then harness his brilliance so that through the millennia millions of souls could benefit from his teaching. What came prior as an educator, was his humility in being taught.

Augustine learned from his mother Monica, then by leading heretics and pagans of his day, then Ambrose, then the inspiration of Holy Spirit. The Lord used Augustine’s restless heart in pursuit of truth even when disordered by the Manicheans. How better to confront an opponent, Gnosticism and Arianism (ever present heresies), than having been immersed in it first.

Spoke their language fluently.

City of God is an excellent resource for all to consider in the proper roles of educators.

A nice companion to Divini Illius Magistri on Christian Education

Augustine, perhaps not intending to, presents the first philosophy of history as he defended the believers from accusations that the Faith was cause of the barbarian sack by Alaric in 410. Charges of preaching of mercy & forgiveness made Romans weak and the pagan gods were angered by the new religion. City of God was a magnus opus against these charges. Through his scholarship he got “mankind thinking about themselves as a universal society, a family of human beings and the elements necessary for such a society”.[1]

Education not for us alone. Indebted to those before, obligation to those who come after. Augustine wealth information, written 400’s nothing lost, course of time indebted to his writings.

Liberals Every year, year ), brag about is right never condemned what is wrong

Augustine’s thesis stated clearly in the first line of the first book says is to defend the glorious City of God to those who prefer their own gods. Books 1-10 address these charges specific to Rome.

Chapters 11-22 moves towards a view of society on a cosmic level. Like Pius XI, he sees two ways or realms of living, that of the City of God with the good angels and men turned towards God versus the fallen angels and men who chose a life apart from God.

An idea born of Satan is that man can craft a just society apart from God. Masonic notion. Absolutely false. Stealing Peter to pay Paul. Justice goodness justice resides in themselves, there is type of war, revival, revolution something removes societies or gives grace.

Man has a tendency to arrogance & pride to goodness, then go through process again.

Cycle S in 7 times book of Judges, man’s tendency to forget. Silence, sin, slavery, supplication, savior, silence.

First cry that we do not forget the lessons learned from this debacle. Bare minimum is not enough. Can’t forget these lessons

[1] Benedict Groeschel, Augustine Major Writings, (Crossroad: NY  1998) 131