The Lord Taught Them Proper Roles of Educators VII

“But the actual possession of happiness of this life, without the hope of what is beyond, is but a false happiness and a profound misery. For the true blessings of the soul are not now enjoyed; for that is no true wisdom which does not direct all its prudent observations, manly actions, virtuous self-restraint, and just arrangements, to that end in which God shall be all in all in a secure eternity and perfect peace.”[1] 19.2

Lost foundation hard to not be shaken, first premises wrong argument go askew. Time goes along the error becomes apparent. Must be on a sure foundation.

It should seem obvious that parent is primary educator. Baby given to mother, then she gives to father.

Find we are the end of the Enlightenment experiment. 1910-1920 family, deep nostalgia, norm for the centuries. Destruction of nuclear family, gives credence to state arbiter of education.

If family sound, obvious that would be wrong.

Despotic King Louis XIV be salivating immense amount of power of democratic powers of ‘elected’ president.

A quick measure for all three parts of society: family, civil, spiritual is to observe what they love.

““A people is an assemblage of reasonable beings bound together by a common agreement as to the objects of their love, then in order to discover the character of any people, we have only to observe what they love. …. It will be called a superior people in proportion as it is bound together by higher interests, inferior in proportion as it is bound by lower”.[2]

Casual scan of public buildings, 1930 before high risers, city Church set on hill, steeple hear it, church bells ringing, how rapidly demise of religious to the secure.

The buildings are commerce or sports related. Money & demigods idols.

Seen the face of these gods.

Demonic worship pleasant at the beginning, chains at the end.

God has divided the government of the human race between two authorities: ecclesiastical and civil. Both have their own domain which is supreme with fixed boundaries peculiar to their own activities.[3]

A comparison can be made to man who has both body and soul which both have their end in heaven. The body resurrected and the soul perfected by order of grace.

Christ command, “Render to Caesar what is Caesars and God’s what is God’s’ succinctly points these two domains and how to negotiate between the two spheres. Mat 22:21

The best citizens are upright men and women. An upright person is a synonym for a Christian.

To the extent there is a deficiency is a rightful concern for all. Another indicator, that we live in societies and not as automatons.

The best States or civil institutions are those infused with the light of Christ. It is noted in a practical way by where people chose to live. People vote with their feet if they are able. Many stories of people moving to TX from less free states to more free.

Liberty and license cannot exist at the same place and time. Modern education has distorted what true freedom is, the ability to chose the good.

[1]  Marcus Dods translator, The City of God St. Augustine (Hendrickson Publishers Marketing: Peabody MA 2014) 631, #19.20

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[3] Pius XI #43


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