The Lord Taught Them Proper Roles of Educators VIII

To restate, it is not possible to have a human education without reference to a universal moral code, the decalogue, or the Gospel. This is the measure for every facet of life, including education. Naturalism, secularism, evolutionism, etc.. call it what one will is not a proper substitute.

Practical Considerations

  • Co-education proper understanding of the complementarity of male and female. Not naturalism. Certainly, contra to transhumanism. I think Title IX has allowed more equitable funding of women sports.

  • Modesty and decorum

Take the body seriously. Different people wear uniforms. Human person cannot separate who and what we are. Realities better than delusion. Modern era irrational drive perceived equality brings to lowest common denominator. Everyone can be a sloth. Versus those held to high standards. Mattered what people dress to dinner table. What we do, eat, watch television, put on our body. Body informing our soul. Parents responsible informing those ideals.

  • Proper patriotism and warning of the advances of socialism[1] NOTE 1929!

  • Parents must educate themselves in the teachings of Christ. When have the parents learned something about the Faith?

  • Are we involved in what is going on in public schools, school boards, city councils? We are our brother’s keeper.

Aware at what schools are teaching. They are our children’s peers, potential marriage partners. Children not given stones for bread. Communists & Marxists play a long game.

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