The Practice of the Presence of God Brother Lawrence (of the Resurrection) II

IV Biographical: Preface Nicholas Herman, of Lorraine, a lowly and unlearned man, who after having been a footman and soldier (during the destructive 30 Years War which many men engaged in cruel violence), was admitted a Lay brother among the barefooted (discalced, sandals) Carmelites at Paris in 1666, and was afterward known as Brother Lawrence.[1]

[monastery cook and sandal maker to more than 100 priests and brothers[2]

Nicholas learned Christian principles from his parents, Dominic & Louise, who were very fine people. He did not have opportunity to study.[3]

Conversion 18 yrs: the mere sight in midwinter of a dry and leafless tree and the reflections it stirred respecting the change the coming spring would bring. From the time he grew eminently in the knowledge and love of God, endeavoring constantly to walk “as in His presence”.[4]

26 yrs, after attempting a life as a hermit and a valet to another gentleman Nicholas entered the Discalced Carmelites, took the religious name of Lawrence with the TITLE of the Resurrection[5]

Solemn Profession, 28 yrs Aug 14, 164

Going from labor, random lords in the area, injured, no time to study, often someone a clean tableau the Lord likes to paint upon

Knowledge given is a pure knowledge from foot of the Lord. Seers at Fatima, Bernadette, Therese of the Little Flower

Jean Vianney, post revolution could not learn in the schools due to suppression. Lord more than able to cover these minor defects.

As a lay brother, he was tasked with many errands for the community to support the many young friars in formation, including begging. These tasks took him from the cloister and into contact with various types of people and experiences.

After discerning who he was speaking to, he would speak freely and share his method with those seeking his advice.

Love in the particular. Works from some generalities, but application is particular.

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