The Practice of the Presence of God Brother Lawrence (of the Resurrection) III

He could read and mentioned some of the books he read in addition to the spiritual reading of the Divine Office, Holy Mass in Latin, and other required texts of the Carmelites at that time (ToA, John of the Cross)

Assigned to the kitchen but due to limpness perhaps from a battle (which would degrade into an ulcer causing him great suffering through his life) would he was assigned to sandal making, 200 sandals of the Discalced Carmelites

Died at the age of 80 yrs as a wholly and consecrated man, without wandering from his initial conversion. Paul did the same after his encounter on the road to Damascus.

Speaks to power of authentic encounter with Christ. Hard pressed to find now in the same vein because of noise of our day.

Lent try and walk into silence, only there is the encounter.

How many times did Bro Lawrence see a tree? But after the impact, authentic moment of grace which gives solace during the hard times.

  1. Carmelite Practices of Brother Lawrence: this is the bedrock of his advice. Catholic sense is very helpful in this regard. Profound silence in the monastery. Juridically, the lay brothers occupied ls place in the house. Except for rare occasions, they did not attend the choral Office but rather recited certain number of Our Fathers. Most days because of their duties, they could not make common prayer but made their prayers at night.[1]
  2. Intended Audience assuming never to be published pg 21 Martino nun, spiritual director, woman, soldier
  3. Spiritual Maxims (which my first two sources did not have), 4 Conversations (1666-1667) & 15 Letters (1682-1691) last one written days before his death

Conversations written by M. Beaufort Grand Vicar to M. de Chalons, formerly Cardinal de Noailles

Tremendous loss because of noise. Surprising Dante astounding how much he knows, carries, his patrimony given to him. We are suffering from lack of depth.

Bro Lawrence Jacques Philippe depth of thought articulation of simple man. Say so much with so little words.

We say nothing with much. Talk at the end, hollow, no profound truth. No moment for silent reflection.

BVM pondered things in her heart. Mary not an intellectual of heart and instructed in wisdom of God. Instruction to the heart. So that they can meditate and apply to personal life.

Both BVM & Bro Lawrence Lived in profundity. Not just words but deeds as well.

[1] Sciurba xxiii