The Practice of the Presence of God Brother Lawrence (of the Resurrection) V

VIII. Must place his opinions within context of prior discussion. E.g. pg 9 Martino Publishing. I find this attitude which is so prevalent amongst traditional Catholics looking for the Illumination of Conscience or from Protestants looking for the Rapture. Or even some patriots thinking the military will solve our problems. The common denominator is someone else is going to solve our problems rather than shouldering the tasks given to us.

 In the USA, we are tasked as a constitutional republic to know our constitutions state and federal and frequently teach our public servants what WtP desire. from John Locke Two Treatises of Government (1689) written during the same time period as Bro. Lawrence. There is no other way to safeguard our home which for the laity is one of their primary duties.

Recognizing role in humility

Discernment of the Spirits by Ignatius, demons give great insights not on God’s path, and angels prick conscience.

Satan can goad one to do more good, consumed never accomplishing anything, to go beyond his order or rule is to no longer doing the good

Not appeasement actually more active recognize what is and is not mission.


ToA  (100 Critical edition)

FdS  (97) 1895 pg 8

Mothers (104) Ignatian, spirit of desolation, act of will recollect that all suffering is of short duration and consolation soon. Makes cross bearable. Satan makes us think no end, heavier, never go away.

Mystics endured great affliction and wound in soul for actions in war, spiritual and physical, consolation come a gain so.