The Practice of the Presence of God Brother Lawrence (of the Resurrection) VII

4th Letter pg 81 Alan Vermilye[1] is completely different to the Carmelite translation of pg 63. For this reason, I suggest staying with a more scholarly and Catholic source.

Friends: pg 75 Augustine As a courtesy, makes anonymous reference the use of N

But a weight on the friend belongs only God. People love to animals belong to people, people love jobs that should go to family.

Put too much weight on the spouse. Monica.

Our spouses not perfect. Some look for perfect spouse.

Jacques Philippe, Prayer, only God can satisfy the longing. Lay the burden of perfection and become idols, innately unsatisfying, some level of sorrow desolation.

Recognize interiorly the person will disappoint, the food or trip will not fully satisfy, surrender sorrow, only God give that type of joy. Thank God for deficiencies allow see the perfection of God.

Bro Lawrence get graces from God, find some sacrifice hard for him to endure, consolation. All want it the Lord, consolations were the by product.

Sorrow, appearance reserving to Himself He alone is the agent of joy. Soul looks only God.

God is a good Father gives consolations, allow disconsolation, lack, trust love and lay all of burdens on God. Learn from lack more than luxury.

Goodness not as potent instructor as pain. God permitted the fall. Exult of Necessary fault gained so great a Redeemer.

Sorrow gain insight of goodness of God. E.g. Job

Seven Sorrow of Mary Rosary, our Lady learned about the Lord through her suffering. Our Lady Kibeho, St. Brigid of Sweden, no wat to heaven but through sorrow. Inevitability of sorrow.

Our Lady suffering, she learned.

  1. Exhortation Quote pg xi Dr. May Critical edition, Simple but not easy. Not something to achieve. Endeavor sincere desire earnest dedication wholly God’s work.

Insight into American mindset.

Only path open in spiritual life, hell or heaven. With God goes to heaven is a success. You have made it. Always enticed to quit race don’t see victory.

So much women depression from images on internet. Artificial perfection. Live for now, honesty in the moment.

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[1]  accessed Feb 24, 2023


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