Theotokos & Litany of Loretto One Illumines the Other I

Mary Mother of God great way to start the New Year. The Blessed Mother leads us to our salvation. True beginnings, where do we hope to go?


  1. Theotokos = God bearer Council of Ephesus

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. There is disagreement over the Immaculate Conception which must be honestly considered. Aquinas himself had troubles over this prerogative as well. However, their spirituality plumbs much depth and whenever possible I like to highlight their work to show the broadness of the Faith.

Orthodox, many Rites in Catholic Church directly from them. Perfect union Byzantines, Coptic. Breathe lungs both there, both ascent to papacy.

Quoting freely when possible is also an effort of reconciliation between close brothers. The Great Schism (East-West) of 1054 AD is a cause of sorrow which Holy Mother Church never ceases to be healed.

“I have been amazed that some are utterly in doubt as to whether or not the Holy Virgin is able to be called the Mother of God. For if our Lord Jesus Christ is God, how should the Holy Virgin who bore him not be the Mother of God?” ~ St. Cyril of Alexandria[1]

And Cyril also corrects an Arian heresy, Jesus had a time when He was not

“And since the holy Virgin hath borne after the Flesh God united personally to the Flesh, therefore we do say that she is also Mother of God, not as though the Nature of the Word had the beginning of Its existence from flesh, for It was in the beginning and the Word was God, and the Word was with God [John 1:1], and is Himself the Maker of the ages, Co-eternal with the Father and Creator of all things.” ~ St. Cyril of Alexandria

Pope proclaim Immaculate Conception, conceived in womb of Anne without taint of sin 1854 Pius IX

12 yr boy, demonic 2 Dominican priests, exorcism asked the demons within him say something about Blessed Mother, Satan knows more of doctrines and dogmas, refuses to give ascent the truths faith= dogmatic teaching tell truth about Blessed Mother, sent to Pope’s proclamation[2]

Begotten hand on only what have. BVM hand on sin or preserved from it, perfect holiness

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