Theotokos & Litany of Loretto One Illumines the Other II

Virgin birth heard it so often can lose the sense of wonder. If a single vision could inspire and sustain Isaiah in his difficult ministry as prophet, what is the lasting effect of such a profound miraculous moment for Our Lady.

Natural realm, woman pregnant abortion, miscarriage, carries to term she never forgets that child. Does not go back to that which was before the pregnancy.

Unfathomable that a woman could forget her child.

  1. Mother of God Source of all of Mary’s prerogatives

Prerogatives= An exclusive right or privilege held by a person, especially a hereditary or official right[1]

  1. Virgin birth- before, during and after the birth of Lord Greek aeiparthenos

“Why is it hard to believe that Mary gave birth in a way contrary to the law of natural birth and remained a virgin, when contrary to the law of nature the sea looked at Him and fled, and the waters of the Jordan returned to their source (Ps. 113:3). Is it past belief that a virgin gave birth when we read that a rock issued water (Ex. 17:6), and the waves of the sea were made solid as a wall (Ex. 14:22)? Is it past belief that a Man came from a virgin when a rock bubbled forth a flowing stream (Ex. 20:11), iron floated on water (4 Kings 6:6), a Man walked upon the waters (Mt. 14:26)? If the waters bore a Man, could not a virgin give birth to a man? What Man? Him of Whom we read: ‘…the Lord shall be known to the Egyptians, and the Egyptians shall know the Lord in that day; and they shall offer sacrifices, and shall vow vows to the Lord, and pay them’ (Is. 19:20).

In the Old Testament a Hebrew virgin (Miriam) led an army through the sea (Ex. 15:21); in the New Testament a king’s daughter (the Virgin Mary) was chosen to be the heavenly entrance to salvation.” ~ St. Ambrose[2]

People give ascent to miracle & signs and wonders, capable given of acceptance.

1854 Immaculate Conception Painting precede that proclamation hundreds of years. By 1600’s of Mary as Immaculate Conception

No dissent remaining perpetual virgin, Martin Luther assented. After Luther deconstruction of the Blessed Mother.

Injustice to children.

Sometimes, Sacred Scripture mentions brothers and sisters of Jesus. Mat speaks of the “his brothers James, Joseph” who are actually the sons of the other Mary (Mat 13:55, 28:1)

Siblings tend to have rivalry, throw that in the mix of family life. Mary can bestow what she has. Create half concupiscent and half not. Cant see it logically.

  1. Mary’s Fullness of Grace Kecharitomene Gk word, throne name Gabriel addresses Mary
  2. Immaculate Conception in the womb of St. Ann
  3. Free of all sin from conception in St. Ann’s womb until her dormition
  4. Bodily Assumption into heaven

Simon to Peter Saul to Paul next level of service in effectiveness. Perhaps like a Confirmation name, saint particular bearing on the vocation of the person.

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