Theotokos & Litany of Loretto One Illumines the Other III

III. Mother of God source of all Titles

Titles= They are a fruit of men and women inspired by the Holy Spirit who were given profound insights into the meaning of Jesus Christ and work of salvation.[1]

Discernment taken seriously over 2,000 years.

  1. Litany of Loretto excellent source of Marian titles. Show booklet.

Litany is a Greek word for prayer (Latin litania, letania, from the Greek lite, prayer or supplication). Among many Litanies or prayers which recount her titles we find the Litany of Loretto from 1558 in the Western Church:[2]

  1. Litany of Loretto[3] = 1587 Pope Sixtus V after its place of origin the Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto (Italy) was in use as early as 1558. It has been set to music by many composers including Mozart who composed for it two settings.




Vatican City
December 2001

Litanies of the Blessed Virgin Mary[4]

  1. Litanies are to be found among the prayers to the Blessed Virgin recommended by the Magisterium. These consist in a long series of invocations of Our Lady, which follow in a uniform rhythm, thereby creating a stream of prayer characterized by insistent praise and supplication. The invocations, generally very short, have two parts: the first of praise (Virgo clemens), the other of supplication (Ora pro nobis).

The liturgical books contain two Marian litanies(246): The Litany of Loreto, repeatedly recommended by the Roman Pontiffs; and the Litany for the Coronation of Images of the Blessed Virgin Mary(247), which can be an appropriate substitute for the other litany on certain occasions(248).

Twelve invocations refer to Mary as Mother; six extol her as Virgin. Thirteen titles are derived from the Old Testament, followed by four calling on her as helper and advocate. The last thirteen name Mary as Queen. In June 2020, Pope Francis added three new invocations in the litany. “Mother of Mercy” (after Mother of the Church), “Mother of Hope” (after Mother of Divine Grace), and “Solace of Migrants” (after Refuge of Sinners). This makes fourteen invocations referring to Mary as Mother and five as an advocate.[5]

Old Testament titles lively, open to meditation, mental image unusual image applied to a person. Link us to Blessed Mother daughter of Old Testament, her Scriptures, fulfillment of those images.

Mother familiar to use. Queenship can be accessed by those who are connected to monarchy.

  1. Pick Seven titles of the list of Loretto, seven, a number of perfection, and a joining of the divinity with humanity. Partial Indulgence for the Litany of Loreto.

VII. Mother of Good Counsel with Indulgenced Prayer in former times

Remind definition of indulgences = An indulgence is the extra-sacramental remission of the temporal punishment due, in God’s justice, to sin that has been forgiven, which remission is granted by the Church in the exercise of the power of the keys, through the application of the superabundant merits of Christ and of the saints, and for some just and reasonable motive.

To facilitate explanation, it may be well to state what an indulgence is not. It is not a permission to commit sin, nor a pardon of future sin; neither could be granted by any power. It is not the forgiveness of the guilt of sin; it supposes that the sin has already been forgiven. It is not an exemption from any law or duty, and much less from the obligation consequent on certain kinds of sin, e.g., restitution; on the contrary, it means a more complete payment of the debt which the sinner owes to God. It does not confer immunity from temptation or remove the possibility of subsequent lapses into sin. Least of all is an indulgence the purchase of a pardon which secures the buyer’s salvation or releases the soul of another from Purgatory. The absurdity of such notions must be obvious to anyone who forms a correct idea of what the Catholic Church really teaches on this subject.[6]

Lost teaching after Vatican II, beautiful thought recourse to actual teachings on Purgatory. Pain to human soul in Purgatory. Sign great mercy of God to pay a debt when one does not understand penalty of act. Indulgent Father. Cant use them for some reason they can apply to souls in Purgatory.

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