Theotokos & Litany of Loretto One Illumines the Other IV

Mother of Good Counsel

O Most Glorious Virgin, chosen from among all others by an eternal decree to be the Mother of the Eternal Word, the Treasury of Divine Graces and the Refuge of Sinners, I, thy most unworthy servant, have recourse to thee, that thou mayest be my tender guide and counsellor in this valley of tears. Through the Precious Blood of thy Son, obtain for me the pardon of my sins, the salvation of my soul, and all things necessary to attain them. Grant also that Holy Church may triumph over her enemies and that the Kingdom of Jesus Christ will soon be extended over the whole earth, I ask this through thy intercession. Amen.

Lost reality that Divine Assistance available to us as a gift of the Holy spirit. Firm graps of what that is, Our Lady without sin wisest of human persons how to discern what is good from evil. She had most direct relationship Spouse of the Holy Spirit, how to discern spirits and right and wrong. Eve longed to know difference right and wrong. Brought about fall of human race. Blessed Mother relationship brought salvation to human race. Subsequent desire to know right from wrong prudent to ask Mary to help us.

VIII. Mother of Our Creator Blessed John Henry Newman comments on the title Mother of the Creator which he admits seems confusing. He readily explains, however, that do deny it is to deny “the great and fundamental truth of revelation, that God became man.” At the Council of Ephesus (AD 431) the Church declared as dogma or article of faith that Mary is not only the Mother of a man but of God because Jesus is both God and man; his divinity and manhood are mysteriously united in the one person of Jesus Christ born of the Virgin Mary.

Newman leads us thus to the great view of this subject: the Incarnation. He asks: “Is this title as given to Mary more wonderful than the doctrine that God, without ceasing to be God, should become man?” Again we observe that everything that the Church teaches about Mary derives from her teaching about God.

Holy Mother, Mother of the Creator, before the mystery we can only marvel. Together with you we bow before the greatness and condescension of God.

Mary is the “Mater Creatoris,” the Mother of the Creator

This is a title which, of all others, we should have thought it impossible for any creature to possess. At first sight we might be tempted to say that it throws into confusion our primary ideas of the Creator and the creature, the Eternal and the temporal, the Self-subsisting and the dependent; and yet on further consideration we shall see that we cannot refuse the title to Mary without denying the Divine Incarnation—that is, the great and fundamental truth of revelation, that God became man.

And this was seen from the first age of the Church. Christians were accustomed from the first to call the Blessed Virgin “The Mother of God,” because they saw that it was impossible to deny her that title without denying St. John’s words, “The Word” (that is, God the Son) “was made flesh.”[1]

Christ walked earth as man, people refused to ascent his divinity. Then a few years after His ascension debate his humanity.

City of God Augustine, same problems arguing today soundly refuted. Ephesus arguments already there. As temporal beings need to reinvent a new answer for each generation.

  1. Mirror of justice in the sense she reflects God’s justice or ‘doing the right thing’. Mary cooperated completely with God’s grace and perfectly modeled being a disciple.

Justice= give to God/neighbor what is due. Mirror a reflection. Mary we see God’s justice. We have removed our Lady’s power post Vatican II, tempered our weapons in hopes of ecumenicism. Mary not just milque toast woman, the Judith. Satan sees the terror of demons.

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