Theotokos & Litany of Loretto One Illumines the Other VII

XIV. Practical Advice

Marian garden- very pleasant to plan spring garden in the midst of winter. Many plants titles removed, old flowers Our Lady’s slipper. Search Mary gardens wealth of beautiful flowers

Incorporate the Litany of Loretto and procession into your family life on Mother’s Day. Things for a feast with good food.

  • Incense, procession, grotto, crowning, carrying of flowers excellent meal, good desserts. Mother’s Day is our current family day.

Negligent daughter, false understanding of a sweet little lady. Not just her beauty but her authority, power, true goodness in her own womanhood and motherhood. Destruction of woman before our eyes. Marian images in the home, beautiful statue, ask her to lead you to one of her titles personal to you.

Our Lady of Good Hope in north of WI for a pilgrimage. Marian pilgrimages within ones dioceses. Go visit, take family on pilgrimage especially on one of her days.