What is a Catholic Marriage? A Bar Too High? II

Chief Ends

BC #1010

The chief ends of the Sacrament of matrimony are:
1. To enable the husband and wife to aid each other in securing the salvation of their souls;
2. To propagate or keep up the existence of the human race by bringing children into the world to serve God;
3. To prevent sins against the holy virtue of purity by faithfully obeying the laws of the marriage state.

4 F’s of Catholic Marriage

  1. Free #1625 CCC
  2. Fruitful #1625 CCC
  3. Forsaking others #1638 CCC
  4. Forever #1614 CC

This as we all can abundantly see is beyond human capacity. We need supernatural grace to fulfill these promises till death do us part. Hence, Our Blessed Lord elevated a ‘primordial’ (existing since the beginning of time) sacrament as JPII would call marriage and the Iliad bears a reflection to it. With Christ elevating it to a Sacrament, spouses have the grace to fulfill their chief ends.

Prior times not necessarily easier but the literature does not navel gaze as ours do. Without supernatural working of God in a real and meaningful way. Technology? Modernism master of nature rather than a steward or cooperator with it.

More society tries to control biology and procreation separate salvation from procreation creates realities, artificial wombs, lack of true good of union of man and woman

Freemason, a goal man create his own world by his own rules,  “I did it my way”

Vast majority to far away , they ascent to notion only follow their own, desire absolute control from nature stems from Imperialism, revolution, science end all, until science disagrees with this opinion, true science always leads to God

Narratio, stories, rosary composed of stories, modern man how one fits in this plan

Far down the path of hedonism, makes demands on society for individual wants contra to society’s needs. Not rights but license.

Roe v Wade, Judge Thomas bring us Overfell and Griswold false notion of privacy, direct fruit

BC clear not for only earthly benefit but also for eternal salvation, grave consequence not following nuptial life our Lord is calling us to, great risk walking nihilist path where the notion of controlling life only leads to death