Winter & Gardening Deep Abiding Hope I


  1. Part One See that which is unseen. Does not contradict reason but is not reason. Telos, goal.

Holy Spirit stirs in the soul desiring a relationship

[Natural element to our story, revelation of God given to us. Poignancy, man finds himself in a garden. Natural image, co-creator with God. Bring forth new life into the world

Gardens mental legwork, concrete realities that are known to understand those and enliven with those unseen.

Real movement behind this is the Holy Spirit, inspires us into action.]

 First Step In A Spiritual Journey

Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

– Cold barren landscape, perhaps longing for some preserves or pickles set up from season before, see something that is not realized

[barren landscape difference one can’t see anything, at that moment is there is an element to bring forth something from nothing, trying ourselves to something no t yet. Needs an element of inspiration. Apropos one can make recourse to a book. Find yourself fallow, someone gone before avail of help]

– Garden catalogs come in the mail or perhaps a friend or neighbor shares from their lauder

– the dream emerges of a beautiful (however defined) garden

[look at Church calendar saints for each season. In cold of December, John of the Cross, Dark Night of the Soul. We are living that. Draw goodness out of appearance of death. Our Lord can make all things new.]