Winter & Gardening Deep Abiding Hope II

Garden[1] = 1a

a plot of ground where herbs, fruits, flowers, or vegetables are cultivated

ba rich well-cultivated region


a container (such as a window box) planted with usually a variety of small plants

Garden catalog = spiritual book, lives of the saints, doctrine (St. Thomas Aquinas), maybe beautiful artwork

Sharing of lauder= friendship, personal touch

[Aristotelian key to happiness enough for self and enough to share. Bounty is generally over abundance, God and what he makes cannot be outdone in generosity. Application of goodness. One seed, bounteous fruit. Mustard seed small large enough for birds. Grace and watered with good effort amplification of the grace God gives.]

  1. Part Two

Hope needs plans of it will make the heart sick (Hope deferred Prov 13:12) [dark night of the soul briefly mention, God is not a gum ball machine. Often times we do get the fruits of our efforts, but sometimes often inexplicable, we don’t more on that at harvest/ autumn.

[We become outcome based people. So much goodness in the doing. Lose forest for the trees. We think doing MUST bear fruit. So many things don’t have control over. Innate goodness if give our faithful best. Nothing lost in economy of salvation.

MTC Lord calls not to be successful but faithful.

Ratzinger reflection to pay same wage for laboring for the Lord. The laborers had more time in doing the master’s business.  Oldwe son worked with the Father.

[How easy to close our eyes to it. WE want our reward. So habituated to d o things with excellence. Conquer nature and thus expect success. Scientism also feeds into this.

Job or middle-aged peasant, effort goes only so far rely on providence. Usurped providential outcome with knowledge gained from nature. Lose integrity of the action.

Automate out of own industry and yet want satisfaction from it.

The prodigal son finds himself, wasted everything, absolute lack driven back to the Father. Sorrow. Conflict outcome based mentally, only something produced causes a crisis for the human person.]

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