Winter & Gardening Deep Abiding Hope IV

If one comes from a lush spiritual background, frequent recourse to the Sacraments (as discussed by our forefathers) is essential and tracks with reading ancient sources

Below there are show links for sources of early Church Fathers and liturgical practices.

[We are part of post protestant movement, we will always be sand bagged, arrogant reaction to a sacramental life. Necessary part of each sacrament. Post baptized, post Christianized nation. Some parts of the sacraments were kept in various Protestant denominations. Many persons do not have any personal connection to the sacraments. Slow destruction of the person along with the reality of the person. Man not grounded in God loses his own grounding of himself in the current society. Man loses his anthropology.]

Confession, regularizing marriage, adoration, reparation for sins of others. [If the sacraments fertile ground that sustain our roots, don’t have, the branch no longer grafted onto the tree. Can’t bring self-back to life, yanked up the tomato plant, never expect to maintain itself to bring forth fruit. Plant, tree in rooted in solid earth, we too are bring forth spiritual fruits, anchor in firm foundation and fertile ground. The Sacraments are paradise.]

The Lord teaches rubrics during 40 days after Resurrection, not me & Jesus, rich sacramental life. From this get acts of charity. Concept of tithing then springs from. Love of neighbor.

Winter planning, what do these various forms of charity look like.

[Many parents rip children from spiritual ground. What loving gardener rip up pear tree, then curse it for not bearing fruit. Gardener expected to give it the proper foundation.

Many parents forbid proper foundation, no baptism, no Church, then they watch the children die in sin. No habituated action of goodness.

Girls in years past, dolls given, ancient Egyptian area, inspired natural inclination to nurturing to another person. Modern dolls, icons of narcissism, nothing of modern dolls no nurturing, navel gazing.

Parents get old, no consolation from the children. No anchor given. Gardens are not strictly linear to the gardener; element of garden bespeaks of community. One seed gives rise to 10x. Engage with the other. Spiritual life relationship not just for self alone as well as for others.]