Winter & Gardening Deep Abiding Hope V

  1. Part Four Pick the Plants

Plants need different plant dates, which sets the garden preparation needs

Get out the planner, there is a range of time to commence depending on frost, germination, and harvest. Tomatoes vs pumpkins. Clematis versus Turks cap.

So too spiritually, look at the calendar and one’s duties.

Decide if one is to Read in the morning or night, what and how often. Maybe podcasts and music better due to vision or personality.

Ecclesial (Early Church) expression liturgy, i.e. Sacraments not a me & Jesus thing

Acts of charity, volunteering


  1. Part Five Wait, “Be still and know that I am God” Ps 46:10

Let your plans sit for a while. Maybe plants that one thought would be available are not. Maybe different plants come on the market. Gardening can require effort, money, and time. Worth really thinking it through.

Take your plans to the Lord, discern the movements of the heart, a telos could be an active and lively indwelling of the Holy Spirit. There will be a cost (take up your cross is a real thing).

[We are impatient people, want hamburger, fries & coke in 30 seconds. Church gives times liturgically geared towards waiting but not in anxiety. Wait ponder in calmness and goodness. Ohio long winter, consolation of one of the most beautiful colors in fall, sunny days. Early winter all leaves gone by mid-October, fallow landscape until mid-April. Glimpse of sunlight is a glimpse of hope not sorrowing for its loss.

Good gardeners not filled with despair but lovely hope. Interior silence with hopefulness. If God permits gray days, so that sun more brilliant. God wants for us true beauty. Inability to wait, surrenders potential goodness for a temporary satisfaction.]