My July 2nd interview with Dr. Richard Bartlett of Midland, Texas (you can watch it here) has drawn interest from around the country.

There is obviously great interest in effective treatments for those suffering with Covid-19, and in Dr. Bartlett’s explanation of his approach. I have not been able to keep up with viewers’ requests for a copy of the medical paper he referenced in the interview.

So with his permission, I am sharing in this post two items: (1) Dr. Bartlett’s letter to Texas State Senator Bob Hall explaining in more layman-like language what the treatment is all about; and (2) Dr. Bartlett’s primary paper describing the covid treatment regimen he has been prescribing.

I met Dr. Bartlett by happenstance for the first time on June 30th; he described what he had been prescribing for his patients suffering with covid and the very positive results he has seen. I asked if he would be willing to be interviewed for my show, and he agreed.

I found Dr. Bartlett to be very personable and earnest and credible. I enjoyed interviewing him.

But I am not a physician, and my interview of him should not be taken as me or “America Can We Talk?” offering any medical advice or opinions or any manner of professional endorsement of Dr. Bartlett’s paper. Viewers are advised to consult with their own doctors regarding the utility or potential applicability of Dr. Bartlett’s paper to their own circumstances. Viewers can also reach out to Dr. Bartlett directly using the contact information contained in his paper.

Debbie Georgatos

July 6, 2020



  • Christol

    Posted at 13:49h, 06 July REPLY

    I just found your channel on youtube. Thank you so much for sharing this info. I am sharing it as much as i can and with my Functional medicine Dr as well

  • Kim Crank

    Posted at 06:27h, 07 July REPLY

    My concern is that this study only references 2 patients in the study. Was it done on only 2 patients? If there have been more, then why is that not stated? The idea sounds good but from the interview Dr. Bartlett says it has worked for lots of his patients but he did not have any idea how many he has treated. I am not a doctor or a researcher but I would like to see more data.

  • Maria Tee

    Posted at 07:16h, 07 July REPLY

    It really interesting and I do agree that steroid treatment and in this case breathing treatment has been a miracle drug also with use of antibiotics and zinc. But I’m not impressed that he disregarded the fact that in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, they all used masks when they are around people, so they prevented spread and they tests almost everyone. And all other countries that flattened the curve, Europe, S. Korea, New Zealand( now zero case) Canada. He should mention and promote that as a strong preventive factor. That’s sad to note.

  • Susan Kay Gleaton

    Posted at 08:17h, 07 July REPLY

    Thank you for this interview! I cannot find: (2) Dr. Bartlett’s primary paper describing the covid treatment regimen he has been prescribing. Can you please update with it?

    • admin

      Posted at 10:27h, 07 July REPLY

      Dr. Bartlett’s paper is now posted on the home page at americacanwetalk.org. Look for “Dr. Richard Bartlett Shares Covid Information”.

  • Susan Mills

    Posted at 08:51h, 07 July REPLY

    Most remarkable to me is Dr. Bartlett’s comments concerning the procrastination here in the U.S. to treat people who have been diagnosed. I hadn’t considered that the procedure for this disease is contrary to the usual course of action in the United States where we confront the illness head on and do not wait for symptoms to exaggerate! Thank you for this information. So far my husband and I remain Covid19 free but I now feel equipped to stand up and face it with a plan of action should either of us be diagnosed!

  • Dr. Jessyca Franco-Chavez

    Posted at 10:46h, 07 July REPLY

    Thank you for sharing truth & knowledge! I’ve been researching and doing my own critical thinking in regard to all you speak about in the interview. I’m on the same page and vein of thought as we uncover more evidence and understanding about Covid-19. Doing my part in New Mexico, I will share this information with my community and patients! Dr.J

  • Russell Tripovich

    Posted at 11:35h, 07 July REPLY

    Thank God for courageous Doctor’s unafraid to risk and stand in the truth they know.

  • Kristine Riehl

    Posted at 12:52h, 07 July REPLY

    Thank you for the information to share Dr Bartletts info. It took some doing, but I was able to find it an post it to Facebook.

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