CDC News

“ Now the US government was in a dilemma. The problems caused by Agent Orange – including devastating effects on health and heartbreaking birth defects – were going to be expensive. Lawsuits would be filed, there would be Congressional hearings, and veterans’ benefits (obligations to veterans and their families) would cost billions of dollars.

And so the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) helped cover it up. 

By the mid-1980s, nearly 35,000 Vietnam veterans claimed to have “suffered cancers and skin diseases and fathered children with birth defects as a result of exposure to Agent Orange.”

In 1987, the CDC halted the evaluation of veteran exposure to Agent Orange, statingrecords were insufficient to determine the troops that had been exposed to the chemical. In the CDC’s own words: “It is unlikely, therefore, that military records can be used to identify a large number of US Army veterans who might have been exposed to [Agent Orange] in Vietnam.”

Instead, the CDC looked to the then-current levels of dioxin as an “indicator to exposure” – and concluded “that few Army ground troops had been heavily exposed to herbicides in Vietnam or elsewhere.” From this result the CDC decided against probing the study further.

Scientists called bullshit. ”