COVID Problems

“ That leads to the real issue here:  With what we are learning now and the rapidly accumulating evidence, how are more doctors not speaking out about this?  And why are so many still recommending the mRNA shots to their patients?  Boosters, boosters, boosters.

I changed to a new doctor as my primary care physician recently, and had my first appointment.  The doctor mentioned that he doesn’t prescribe new medications that have not been around for at least five years, so I asked him how he reconciles that philosophy with the mRNA shots.  He dodged the question three times until it was clear I wouldn’t let it go.  I finally asked him, “Is it your policy to recommend them or the hospitals?”  He said nothing, but stared straight into my eyes for a solid five seconds.  It felt very much like an admission.

He went on to say that if he doesn’t recommend the shots, he will lose his job and possibly his license.  My appointment was the first week of December 2022, and my exit paperwork is three pages…two of which are almost entirely dedicated to pushing the COVID shots.”

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