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“After coming out against the legalization of cannabis in the past, Former House Speaker John Boehner now says his stance was wrong. He now believes that medical marijuana should be legalized nationally, and he says many of his fellow Republicans are having a similar change of heart.”

“2018 Republican Party Convention in June, nearly 10,000 conservative Texas politicians voted in favor of revising the party platform on marijuana to decriminalize possession of small amounts, support industrial hemp, and urge the federal government to move cannabis to the Schedule 2 drug category. Republicans in other states have gone further, but the move nevertheless signals a big change from the party’s previous position in a very short period of time.”

“Results showed that the participants who received cannabis drug had a 43.9 percent lower risk of drop seizures, in comparison to the 21.8 percent decrease in those who did not receive cannabis drug treatment. Moreover, the cannabis drug group had a greater decrease in the levels of other seizures and a decrease of 41.2 percent in their monthly seizure frequency.”

“Although RD was awarded financial compensation for the pain and suffering he has experienced, the fact remains that a healthy 13-year-old boy is now unable to use any of his limbs simply because he got a vaccine. He told the vaccine court that he has been robbed of his chance at a normal life and misses his independence. His extended family has vowed never to allow anyone they love to get another vaccine, which they characterize as being like “playing Russian roulette.”

It took five years of litigation before the Department of Health and Human Services, who is the respondent in vaccine injury cases of this type, admitted that the boy’s tetraplegic condition was caused by the vaccine.

The boy’s mom has some advice for families who are struggling to decide whether or not they should get their children vaccinated. She suggests they go to a spinal cord injury center, where they’re likely to find quite a few people whose lives have been ruined by vaccines. She said that the physical therapists in these places wear masks because they refuse to get the flu vaccine after spending their days seeing the problems it can cause.”