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Are these horrible side effects of synthetic hormones really surprising? Why eat organic if destroying a healthy part of the human body? Just say, ‘’No’ to any form of synthetic hormones. What do these hormones do to the husband, future offspring, me who drinks the water contaminated by the pharmaceutical contaminants? True story, a naturopath had great success in healing many diseases. The hardest one to heal, and she talked expectations down with her patients, was helping women coming off the pill or its many sisters. She had very limited success.


Super Glue Ultra Gel (Loctite) – This super glue is fairly flexible and it lasts much longer than the standard super glues.

Why is the Pill prescribed? Fear of a child. Dastardly profits. A sick but not quite dead patient. This palpable fear leads to opportunity for exploitation and $$$. What about irregular cycles some might counter? Please. The Pill does not fix anything just masks symptoms until a worse problem manifests itself. “ Teen girls who use hormonal contraception like ‘the pill’ showed significant bone loss, increasing their risk of “later life fractures,” a new scientific study has found. The authors of the study say that their findings are “of concern” and present a “potential public health problem.”

“Now, however, he is setting the record straight. He has claimed that during the hearings in which he testified, he told government lawyers privately that he believed that vaccines could and did cause some children to develop autism, but they covered it up.

Environmental attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. convinced Dr. Zimmerman to document what happened. In a sworn affidavit, he says that he told Department of Justice lawyers back in 2007 that he had discovered cases where vaccines could cause autism. For example, in a certain subset of children, he said that fever and immune stimulation induced by vaccines was responsible for causing regressive brain disease in children with autism spectrum disorder features.”

My friends one data point does not a trend make. However, the awareness of the severe health problems associated with artificial hormones is picking up steam. How could it not? Objective reality has a way of making itself known. “Studies show you shouldn’t blame your dating app; instead, it may be your choice of contraceptive.”

Full disclosure, I have met Dr Duane.

“Research supports her. Studies show women who take oral contraceptives alter their bodies’ chemistry; their hormones, pheromones, and their libido: the stuff that keeps things interesting between the sexes.

Jackie has since become an advocate for women who choose “natural” fertility.

“The female cycle is an incredible, intricate interplay of hormones,” said Dr. Marguerite Duane.

“The current CDC schedule recommends 50+ vaccine doses before a child reaches six years of age.”

“Compounding use of multiple vaccines sets the immune system up for long-term failure, causing the body to lose its ability to recognize actual viral and bacterial threats the way it is designed to. This could lead a person to experience sensitivities to the natural environment, which includes all sorts of allergies, allergic rhinitis, and hay fever.”

“The fact is, aging Americans, particularly those with serious health issues, are pursuing medical marijuana (MMJ) as a means of managing pain, nausea, and other symptoms, and it’s forcing conservative politicians to reconsider their stance.”

“A range of doses from 10 mg to 600 mg and higher amounts has been studied in scientific research, for sleep problems, anxiety, depression, stress, and other conditions.

Studies have shown low doses of CBD can mildly increase wakefulness and higher doses (160 mgs of CBD, in one of the studies referenced above) have been shown to improve the quality and duration of sleep. Many people report that taking a CBD-rich product a few hours before going to bed makes getting a good night’s sleep a lot easier.

It is important to keep in mind that CBD dosing truly is individual. For that reason, starting with a low dosage will allow you to slowly adjust until you feel that your sleep quality has improved. Because CBD is safe, generally well tolerated, and not psychoactive like THC, high doses are sometimes necessary for best results.”