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What about the sharp spike in autoimmune diseases?

“The vaccine industry has spent $3.5 billion in private, secretive injury settlements to convince the rest of the country it’s not.”

“ important information about Gardasil’s risks will be suppressed as the FDA moves quickly on behalf of Merck’s business interests.”

“An auto-antibody is an antibody that attacks one or more of a person’s own proteins. Many autoimmune disorders, like Crohn’s disease, are caused by auto-antibodies, which in turn are triggered by adjuvants in vaccines.”

Abortion’s big lie is that it will “ un – mother” the woman. Instead, abortion produces mothers who killed their babies and who never forget. The only question is how the mother deals with this knowledge. This lie garners a lot of profit for many concerned.

“they remain silent about the very real issues women should be concerned with.

Those real possibilities include infection, perforated uterus, cervical damage, the risk of sterility, depression, guilt, remorse, suicidal ideation, sleep disorders, poor relationships, and even death, all from supposedly “safe, rare and legal” abortion. While such people claim they promote abortion in the interests of women, they block legislation that would warn women about the mental and physical complications of the procedure and continue to deny the negative impact of abortion on millions of women.”