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Who decides patient, doctor, government?

“When patients are ravaged by the biologically destructive effects of standard cancer treatments, their organs are very often destroyed beyond the point of repair,” Adams warns.”

“Chemotherapy cripples the immune system. The scientists who accidentally discoveredchemo found out shortly after it rescinded tumors that new tumors came back with a vengeance.”

Football’s days are numbered. Head injuries is one reason. There are others. Weaponized drone attacks are another.

“Claims administrators in the settlement released an updated report on the concussion settlement information website saying about $502 million had been approved in less than two years of the settlement. The original actuarial estimates from the NFL estimated a little more than $400 million would be paid out in the first decade.

Attorneys for the retired players adjusted their estimates on the total payout of expected claims earlier this month, saying the settlement would likely reach $1.4 billion— almost a half billion more than the NFL originally estimated.”

How was the Church so spot on correct? She understands human nature- both from a theological and philosophical perspective. Isn’t it time for us to return to this ever ancient, ever new understanding?

“Many scoffed at these predictions during the late ’60s, and many more have scoffed at them ever since. Even today, with fifty years of evidence in the books and the predictions looking more and more like prophecies, many do not want to acknowledge just how accurate the predictions were.

For the unfamiliar, the four predictions made by Blessed Pope Paul VI of what would happen to a culture with widespread acceptance of contraception are: 1) an increase in marital infidelity, 2) an objectification of or general loss of reverence and respect for women, 3) the forced use of contraceptives by coercive governments looking to solve other economic or social problems, and 4) people would begin to believe they have total dominion over their bodies.”