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I report, you decide. “Similar to conventional car batteries that contain a liquid “electrolyte” to hold and electrical charge, Tesla BioHealing products similarly hold a positive charged with Tesla Energy. Our products come charged and will emit concentrated Tesla Waves through the body allowing the cells to capture them.

Cells Have Structures Capable of Holding Tesla Charge

All living organisms have molecular cells have their own power plants that produce energy throughout it’s life called a nucleus. Every cell in every living organism holds the energy that it produces. As our bodies age these cells begin to lose their abilities to produce the same amount of power and many will begin to die. But what if you could recharge the power plants of your cells and give them new life to continue powering and repairing your body?

For years, Tesla Energy Waves, also known as Scalar Waves, are known to have the ability to pass through any solid object including the human body. Many crystalline structures in every cell wall are capable of holding Tesla charge. Liquid crystal structures in the collagen network comprising all of the space between cells are also capable of holding a charge.”

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