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I make no claim one way or the other. FYI “ Morgellons’ Protocol  Nano-tech removal:  To eliminate nano particles of vaccine: Fill bath with hot water and a pinch of detergent.  Go to Pet store buy alfalfa pellets for hamsters, and put a cup of those pellets in the bathtub with hottest water possible with  1/2 ml of detergent.  And then soak in that. Nano-tech prefers the hamster pellets over you becuz it’s more vibrant.  If you have a black light you can see it streaming out of your body into the hamster pellets. Then take good shower with Dr Bonner’s Peppermint becuz it’s universal antidote. Then clean the bath tub very thoroughly with paper towels (use thick rubber gloves).  Then wipe it down with diatomaceous earth zeolite, and activated charcoal and wash it down again.”