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From my friend Mongo!!!

Where to begin?

Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors (GEP-NETs). I had dual carcinoma and gastrinoma versions (tumors produce gastin and serotonin), no known treatment, no known cure.

This time last year, I was told I needed to mentally prepare to begin hospice care for the incurable, advanced, distant, rare (fill in the blank “you’re genuinely fucked” adjective) form of cancer. I was given a “best guess” date range of June-July to start hospice. My rare cancer has no recovery, no remission. It is a death sentence.

I did not curl up into a ball. I am a defender. I am a fighter. I am a “laugh at the face of defeat” person.

I had herniated from my super Whipple and a very large desmoid tumor surgeries. I had half an American football protruding below my sternum and half of a soccer sticking out beside where my navel once was. So they fix this by opening me up to put in a chainlink fence across my belly and they then openly declined to debulk my existing tumors, I realized their plan for me was only to die “peacefully” versus living longer.

In other words: Time was to research and grasp better straws

I hit better than gold.

Joe Tippens. MyCancerStory.Rocks

To put it mildly, I was in very, very, very poor health at the end of May of this year. My CT and blood/urine tests showed and proved that.

On 06/01/21, I began taking 888mg fenbenazole and 800mg HCQ daily. I experienced an unbelievable improvement in my health and reduction in my GEP-NET, post Whipple symptoms.

Again, other than literally cutting all the tumors out, there is NO officially known cure for my cancer.

Today, after using fenbenazole and HCQ and curcumin and Omega-3 oil and prayers and not giving up, I received CAT scan results that showed NO cancer tumors. None. Anywhere.

For years, my CAT scans noted stopping my tumors count at 180. Today?  None found.

DYOR. I am witness. Please hear me. Fight.  I won. You can win.