Health News Update

Mom was right. Eat your vegetables. Preferably grown in your garden.Eat the rainbow

“A study of more than half a million American breast cancer patients over the course of eight years found that a double mastectomy does not offer significant protection to women from a recurrence of their cancer.”Masectomonies and cancer reoccurrence

Follow the $$$.

“Of course, the CDC also reportedly owns 56 vaccines, which Adams notes is a “grave conflict of interest.” But beyond the CDC’s refusal to acknowledge good science and stop hiding the truth, there are still darker forces at play.”CDC owns vaccine patents

The question to ask, “Who determines healing approach? Patient, doctor, government?Who decides medical treatment?

Interesting. Maybe, just maybe science has no unified understanding about cancer, and the person should develop their own ‘cancer plan’.lung cancer & nonsmokers

“It seems that hardly any of modern medicine’s “treatments” actually work when it comes to halting cancer .”Do some cancer treatments cause cancer growth

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