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“People that were formerly in Obamacare or didn’t have insurance.  Or didn’t have health care.  Millions of people,” Trump told the Times.  “That’s going to be a big bill, you watch.  It could be as high as 50 percent of the people.  You watch.  So that’s a big thing.”

Time to rethink vaxs. No polemics. Honest science.

“For many, the downplay of any findings that smack of vaccine-related harm is undoubtedly infuriating. Were vaccines anything else, there would be mass outrage. Think about it: We are instructed to continue to vaccinate our children, even though scientists continue to find links between vaccines and all kinds of health problems like autism, autoimmune disease, inflammatory diseases and more. But none of these links are ever “sufficient” enough to reconsider current vaccination schedules and public “health” policies (the term “heath” is being used lightly here).”

I detest fake science. Vaccines rest on fake scientific study.

“Truth be told, Gardasil and most other vaccines currently on the market have never undergone honest testing against actual placebo vaccines, which means their true efficacy is completely unknown (and largely fabricated). Intentionally flawed “studies” designed to arrive at a positive outcome are instead used by vaccine manufacturers as “proof” that their vaccines work, and this has been the standard for many decades.”

How can it be otherwise? The lie is that sex, one of the most fundamental of life processes, can be manipulated without serious health consequences. Not possible.

Never will be possible.

How many patients are apprised on these risks so as to make an informed decision.

“Most root canal procedures seal the affected tooth in an effort to sterilize it. This, however, causes once-friendly bacteria to lose oxygen and nutrients they need to function. They then become anaerobic bacteria, which are highly toxic and can cause long-term infection.”

Who decides? Patient, doctor, government?

“the longstanding tradition of the United States government actually kidnapping American children when their parents refuse childhood vaccinations, for instance, or conventional cancer therapy.”

Who decides? Patient, doctor, government?

“The bill is such an affront to personal freedom and choice that several hundred people recently rallied at the California State House in Sacramento to protest it. In attendance at this rally were dozens of “ex-gays” who spoke out about how conversion therapy helped them to live the lives they desired.”

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