Jordan Peterson, Auto-immune Disease & Diet

I was watching Jordan Peterson in conjunction with my philosophical and theological pursuits. During his lecture, Peterson talked about how both he and his daughter, Mikhaila, helped themselves of serious autoimmune diseases through diet changes. Mikhaila at a young age had multiple joint replacements because of her progressive disease.

I find Peterson credible and so forward to you his daughter’s experience. One thing he noted has how very difficult it was for her to track problematic foods for her severe rheumatoid arthritis. It could take 4 days after eating these foods to present symptoms, and then the symptoms might last for a month. Thus, sorting things out was a very tedious and haphazard process.

Mikhail problems started when she was 8 years old. Her mother has celiac disease. Both daughter and father suffered from depression. The need for medications was eliminated by a restrictive diet. Mikhail has a blog, which details her journey to health. Mikhaila Peterson’s Blog

If it helps great, if not ignore.

1:33:33 Mikhaila’s autoimmune disease as discussed by her father Jordan Peterson Jordan Peterson & Auto-immune Disease

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