Mask Mandates in Healthcare Facilities are the Evilest of them All

Of all the odious evils prosecuted by the government & medical establishments throughout the pandemic, mask mandates remain the paradigmatic visual symbol of the senseless capital-‘S’ Science quackery so destructive to society but that contributed nothing towards mitigating covid disease or transmission.

Thankfully, mask mandates have become so politically toxic that even the mainstream media – however reluctantly – felt compelled to acknowledge that they are a dead letter going forward. Even in California, the zenith of untrammeled covid zealotry, public health officials were forced to backtrack from attempts to reinstate mask mandates in the face of public backlash.

Yet facemasks continue to be required in one area of public life: healthcare. To this day, many if not most hospitals and doctor’s offices require patients and staff alike to mask up from the moment they step foot inside.