New Parasite Protocol

New Parasite Protocol with some great updates. Added Anti-Viral and Lyme Protocols. Thanks for the input @FloridaSharkman. I’d like to thank the rest of the Wormhole crew for their feedback and edits.

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The Parasite Protocol was developed by @FloridaSharkman, @ssg_a, and @InevitableET (a holistic doctor) using documented medical research

and clinical experience. I started the protocol to help recover from GI damage caused by chemo/

rad. Best thing I have ever done. Others are on it for a variety of

ailments, including Lyme and cancer. Find the new Daily Thread on @ssg_q

profile page. See you there.…

Ivermectin for blood and viral conditions. Fenbendazole for tissue and fungal conditions. Taken in a rotation with each other…broad spectrum coverage. That’s why

the Parasite Protocol was made.…..

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