Public health advice can be confusing. Within the last 20 months, we have learned that official statements are usually misleading. Also, many studies regarding optimal dietary patterns are often biased. It is not uncommon that scientists write studies in a way that they satisfy the expectations of the funder and/or support the current thing.

That is why I decided to come up with a manual to aid you live a healthy and fulfilling life. I will underpin all claims with scientific studies so you can read up on the posted information.

1. Don’t wear masks. They are harmful as your blood CO2 levels rise, and you keep inhaling potentially dangerous fungi (https://go.nature.com/3UtjYnq).

2. Don’t be afraid to eat red meat. Unlike the ‘eat the bug fraction’ is trying to tell you, red meat is actually healthy. However, ensure the meat you buy is grass-fed, as the omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio is more favourable (https://bit.ly/2FbOkZ2).

3. Don’t eat kale every day. Since the documentary ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ aired on Netflix, many people have started juicing their daily greens. However, the glucosinolate progoitrin found in the brassica family can interact with your thyroid function (https://bit.ly/3Snz1gi).

4. Use fewer cosmetics. Cosmetics are very bad for your health in general. Don’t use make-up every day, and let your skin breathe. Also, avoid deodorants that contain aluminium as it is neurotoxic and may cause breast cancer (https://bit.ly/3xFSJw7).

5. Don’t snack. Eat two healthy meals per day instead and consider skipping breakfast. Most snacks (chips/crisps, candy bars, sweets) contain high amounts of disease-causing sugar and omega-6 fatty acids (https://bit.ly/3LtGpER).

6. Don’t use disinfectants regularly. During two years of plandemic, it became a habit for many people to use disinfectants 24/7. Unfortunately, they can damage your DNA, cause respiratory issues such as asthma, and lower your fertility. Doesn’t that sound familiar? (https://bit.ly/3BX4fp7)

7. Avoid being connected 24/7. Many people are afraid to miss out on something and stare at their phones every few minutes. However, this harms self-esteem, sleeping habits, and attention spans (https://bit.ly/2MYzG6y).

8. Exercise regularly. Go for a run, push weights, work in your garden, or have sex with your partner. It does not matter how you are physically active, but that you are actually moving your body. Almost nothing is as crucial as exercising (https://bit.ly/3DFdkV5).

9. Get exposed to sunlight. Many people are afraid of the sun as they think it causes cancer. However, it is a myth unless you are getting sunburned like British tourists on Ibiza. For more information on the importance of the sun and vitamin D for cardiovascular and immune health, follow @sunfluencer (https://bit.ly/3dumTvd).

10. Socialize. The principle of social isolation is nothing but a violation of common sense. Social interaction is an essential factor for living a healthy life. Everybody who says otherwise is a blatant liar (https://bit.ly/3Uq69WL).

sunshine! ☀️


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