VAX Detox

Four hours after a single oral dose of Nattokinase (at a certain concentration), the researchers found significantly elevated blood enzymes that degrade ‘fibrins,’ which are the building blocks for clots. The researchers explained “Nattokinase has the highest clot-dissolving potency among naturally known anticoagulants.” Clotting, in the form of micro- or macro-clots, might be the most serious risk to folks who’ve taken the jabs.

The researchers also suggested that, because the spike is how covid infects cells, Nattokinase may also inhibit initial infection.

Dr. McCullough prudently did not proactively recommend that anyone take the over-the-counter supplement, since it does have some rare side-effects and potential interactions, but instead called for further clinical research for treatment of vaccine injury and “post-covid” syndrome (long covid).

since I’m not anybody’s doctor, I’m NOT recommending anyone start Nattokinase. But I will admit that I have seen some take 2,000 FU daily, to help prevent catching covid and due to a remote concern over shedding. Anyone who’s had the shots might at least want to take a look at the study ( and consider whether a prophylactic course makes sense for them.