Vax Problems

Here are 12 questions I am hoping you can answer for me. I have hundreds more. These are just a few off the top of my head. If you can answer these, it would be a great start and I would really appreciate it!!!

  1. Can you tell me why the authorities all over the world (except FL Surgeon General Joe Ladapo) ignore theevidence IN PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS by the world’s top scientists SHOWING the COVID vaccine is killing people?
  2. Can you tell me how we can be assured that the mRNA sequence is intact at the time of injection when the FDA whistleblower at the Johnson committee admitted there is no quality control? This wasa well-known problem before the vaccine was approved (the European regulator complained about it), but there was NEVER ANY EVIDENCE they FIXED the problem. If there is evidence, where is it? Without 100% mRNA integrity, the vaccine can’t work, right? How do you know? The drug companies haven’t done any studies and they PROHIBIT anyone from doing these studies. If it is safe and effective, why the prohibition on research studies? Heck, we don’t even know if the mRNA sequence being delivered is the same as what was in the trials.
  3. The strange blood clots,it’s impossible for these foot long (or more) amyloid clots featured in the movie Died Suddenly to form post-mortem. There is a very plausible mechanism of action for the vaccine causing these. And these clots have been seen, in some cases, in over 90% of embalming cases by embalmers all over the world. It only started AFTER the vaccine rolled out. So if it isn’t the vaccine causing these strange novel clots, what is?
  4. Why won’t any government in the world allow independent research on the vaccines? We need to characterize what happens when people are injected with degraded mRNA. NOBODY is allowed to do any INDEPENDENT research on the vaccines to find out critical safety questions.