Vax Problems

The only way out of the pandemic, as presented by Fauci and countless others, was by injecting ourselves with this experimental mRNA vaccine. Even as anxious Americans waited for its availability, proven and existing treatment options like hydroxychloroquine and zinc, were dismissed as ineffective.

Once available, mandates and other coercive tactics were utilized to compelAmericans to get the jab. The media, and even Biden, claimed the experimental vaccines, which hadn’t even been tested for efficacy, would prevent the contraction of COVID. When this was proven untrue, the same needle pushers then claimed it would reduce symptoms.

It is undeniable that the goal was to get this vaccine injected into as many American bodies as possible. What else could explain the campaign? Were the American people knowingly being used as lab rats so that DARPA could finally test its military research?

More sinister “conspiracy theories” aside, was COVID-19 intentionally engineered by the U.S. government with the intent to infect human specimens with the virus so that it could then test its revolutionary mRNA technology?