Proverbs Seed Catalogue of the Bible V


Let God answer prayer in the way He thinks best.

XIV. Personal impressions

TS vs 1:2-6

Varity of modes of expression proverbs, figures, wise words, riddles

vs 9 head>> grace, pendants gold, material prosperity

vs 11 murder innocent blood A, vs 18 reap ambush for own lives B

vs 28 but I will not answer, seek me diligently but will not find me

This similar to: He hardened Pharoah’s heart. The Lord is always close to those who cry out to Him, but to those who do not He appears to not hear or hard hearted.

The Lord cannot change, an attribute of God. It is our perception of Him that changes.

To find God requires humility on our part. He is YWHW and should be approached with fear, reverence and awe. Then the soul will search after His counsels, the heart becomes softened, and God will be found. On His terms.

Vs 33 (house built on sturdy rock Mat 7:24-27), he who listens to me will dwell secure (safe, with God, secret place of the Most High Ps 91, confident trust), and will be at ease (material needs secure), without dread of evil (no fear of eternal disaster)

Security, ease, no dread of evil

  1. Exhortation

Reality, truth, sanity comes from understanding and seeing things correctly. This text shows us the crop we can expect from the thoughts and actions sown.

Proverbs gives all us of the correction necessary as we drift away.  We all want to be happy, this Scripture shows us how that is possible in our everyday existence.

Read a chapter a day. In a month (31 days) you will have finished the book and if applied be on the road to a happier and more authentic life.

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