Psalm 105 God’s Faithfulness to Israel & Us III

  1. First Impressions


Call, voice, deeds not just philosophical musings

Wonderful works, action

Remembrance, zakar in Hebrew an ancient idiom for being faithful to one’s covenant[1] obligations, covenants establish family, interpersonal relationships

miracles and judgements (wisdom)

Abrahamic covenant mindful forever

The telos, final end Promise Land of Canaan

  1. Biblical ExegesisWanderings of Abraham, holy family few in number rich in faith who the Lord guarded during their sojourn. Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob 3 fathers (patriarchs) of the nation of Israel. Abraham in particular to trust God in all things, particularly concerning the gift of Isaac and the offering of Isaac. Abraham given three promises (nation, name, universal blessing) Gen 12:1-3 which later will be raised to a covenant.

Land & Nation Gen 15 Mosaic Covenant

Royal Dynasty Gen 17 Davidic Covenant

Worldwide Blessing Gen 22 New Covenant in JC

Joseph (JC type, favored son of Jacob) sent ahead to protect his people during a period of famine

People prospered even though they were in the land of Ham

Who is Ham?[2] Gen 9 Recall the sin of Ham which uncovered his father’s nakedness (Noah). Noah’s wife was Ham’s mother, so Ham committed incest and his issue was the Canaanites. Sexual perversion is the first command God gives (Lev 18:7; Lev 18:1-7)

More than incest, Ham’s motivation might have been a power play. Recall Absalom sleeping with David’s concubines which was a power play to lay claim to family (vs kingdom) authority. 2 Sam 16:21-22

Correlation Joseph Christ figure Egypt represent sin our being rescued from it. Foretelling of kingdom of heaven saved from sin, Jesus surrendered to sin of humanity to lift man up. Forget  how rich the story it is, not just NT but OT as well.

V 25 He turned their hearts to hate his people,
to deal craftily with his servants.

Does the Lord directly active cause evil? No it is a passive action, free will of those gripped by evil are repulsed and hardened against the Lord. So in a true sense, He causes a negative response but not as a direct act on His part.

Wis 2:12- following

Reaction to goodness of God.

So much hurt misrepresentation, false proclamation of God’s goodness, image distortion condemnation stressed rather the forgiveness.

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