Psalm 105 God’s Faithfulness to Israel & Us IV

Heavy/hardened kaved Hb heart in Egypt mythology was one of dishonor, heart should weigh like a feather.

The miracles are a testimony against the gods of Egypt and the unjust actions of Pharoah.

Nile (life blood to economy) to blood, first sign, recalls the murder of the boys at the birth of Moses.

Mosaic Covenant Introduced Nation formed

Exodus (Book of Names in Hebrew, opening line)

4 Main Acts in Exodus

  1. Call of Moses: God saves Moses in drowning of boys by Pharoah & burning bush
  2. Signs & Wonders free people for worship
  3. Covenant Mt Sinai
  4. Apostasy of Israel/ Golden Calf

3 Main Themes

Name- genealogy, midwives named but not Pharoah, Yahweh

Know- One true God covenant w/ Israel (Pharoah did not know Joseph, did not know Yahweh)

Serve- worship & relationship with one true God

To know God worshipful relation aspect, after receive name of God. He has done the work to be in relationship with Him.

Signs and wonders in the Land of Ham

These miracles are listed not according to chronological appearance in Exodus but in terms Hebraic poetry

The Lord worked mighty signs, rescued His people, and prospered them materially

First request from Pharaoh, not total freedom, but a 3-day retreat to worship God in the wilderness.

But according to some biblical scholars, only a small fraction of the Hebrews left Egypt, most stayed.

Unknown, fearful. Those who stayed we stay in our sin. Don’t believe life in chist is as good as said.

An oft quoted saying, “If you want to see the miraculous, must be willing to do the ridiculous.”