Psalm 146 IV

VIII Exposition of Psalm 146 by Church Father Augustine[1]

Read by Micah

  1. Put not your trust in princesPsalm 145:3. Brethren, here we receive a mighty task; it is a voice from heaven, from above it sounds to us. For now through some kind of weakness the soul of man, whenever it is in tribulation here, despairs of God, and chooses to rely on man. Let it be said to one when set in some affliction, There is a great man, by whom you may be set free; he smiles, he rejoices, he is lifted up. But if it is said to him, God frees you, he is chilled, so to speak, by despair. The aid of a mortal is promised, and you rejoice, the aid of the Immortal is promised, and are you sad? It is promised you that you shall be freed by one who needs to be freed with you, and you exult, as at some great aid: you are promised that Liberator, who needs none to free Him, and you despair, as though it were but a fable. Woe to such thoughts: they wander far; truly there is sad and great death in them. Approach, begin to long, begin to seek and to know Him by whom you were made. For He will not leave His work, if He be not left by His work.

The Lord only saves us with our cooperation

Free Will never violated, given option to participate

Sometimes wish no free will, then no love

Consequences come in both this life and the next life

IX Practical Application, how’s journaling going. Training the mind to see God at work in both the joys and sorrows of life. A redemptive perspective.

Ex/ bedridden woman rejoicing in the Lord

Proverbs garden section of the Bible, seed catalogue. Micah impact of the ancient book.

Gratitude for family and upbringing.

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