Psalm 22 The Word From the Cross VI

VII. What if the Civil and Spiritual leaders had heeded our Lord? Reimagined idea of the Messiah. Embraced a new role of Temple and religious construct.

“What a glorious Jerusalem would Christendom then had! No pathos that the Holy City has. No Mosque of Omar enthroned on the esplanade of Solomon. … Jerusalem would never have fallen because her fall was clearly foretold as a sanction by Divine Providence.  Her refusal to develop was the signature of her doom. In very truth this house of God will be a house of desolation, yielded to destruction.”[1]

NT White’s scholarship agrees with the opinion that only a re-understanding of what constituted Temple and Messiah.

There are severe consequences for refusal of God’s love and mercy.

God draws good from anything for those who love Him. Rm 8:28 Paul’s ministry to Gentiles is a result of rejection. However, the sorrow was profound for those who dismissed His message. 1.1M died (Josephus non-combatants), Temple in its splendor (Herod the Great architect) utterly destroyed by the Roman Empire. Some historians speculate that anti-Semitism came into the European mind from the Judean Wars of 70 & 132 AD.

Refusal signature of their doom, excited open to Gentile’s by this refusal. Thankful for universal idea, even Gentiles children beloved of God because of Christ’s sacrifice.

VIII. Our Response

Consolation of Jesus, past and future meet in Christ who is outside of time. We can in our imagination born of the Holy Spirit transcend time can mitigate the profound sorrow caused by the betrayal of Judas and Peter. Could that not have been a greater suffering than the physical tortures?

It is an honor and privilege He is accessible.

We can relieve Jesus’ thirst for souls that love Him and thank Him. Can we cloth His nakedness with a covering comprised of our charity shown to others? What we have done to the least of those you have done to Me. Charity that is both corporal and spiritual for man is both body and soul. Harkening back to an aspect of the Todah.

[1] A. G. Sertillanges, What Jesus Saw From The Cross (Sophia Institute Press: Manchester, NH 1948) 35-36